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Dental screenings

The first thing a dentist checks when a patient is sitting in a dental chair is whether there is any caries in the mouth. It also measures the risk of developing other oral care problems.

Tooth scale removal

In addition to daily brushing, regular professional cleaning is the basis of proper oral hygiene. In the office environment, we remove accumulated tartar and other impurities with ultrasonic and manual tools, preventing the development of gingivitis and tooth decay.


To achieve a really clean and smooth tooth surface, we can also use a sandblasting polisher. It removes even the smallest accumulated discolouration, after the treatment the teeth can even be a shade whiter!

Deciduous teeth

All 20 deciduous tooth should be outside by 2 and a half years of age. It is recommended to start getting used to the dentist as soon as possible. They will get to know the sounds, smells, external influences, so they will sit more calmly in the dental chair.


One of the most common dental procedures is dental fillings, which are used to restore carious teeth. In case of caries, it is very important to see a dentist as soon as possible, so that the loss of the tooth can be prevented in time.

Tooth extractions

The cause can be the result of an advanced gum disease, tooth decay, an accidental tooth fracture, or just another disease. When a treatment option is no longer possible, tooth extraction becomes the ultimate solution.

Root canal treatment

At the beginning of the infection, we may not even feel pain, only the tooth will discolor. However, the blood or nerve supply to the tooth is inadequate, at which point the pulp dies. In such cases, root canal treatment is required.

Inlay és onlay

Replacements can restore the damaged tooth to its original condition. Gluing inlay or onlay is a friendlier procedure than crowning, as it does not involve sanding a healthy tooth.

Crowns and bridges

Bridges and crowns are replacements attached to existing teeth or implants. Crowns are most commonly used to cover a damaged tooth or an implant. And bridge when one or more of our teeth are missing.


Gaps due to missing teeth can cause problems while eating and speaking. To eliminate this, a complete replacement of the entire upper and lower teeth or a partial denture is required to replace only a few teeth.


A wild and confident Hollywood smile? Shells are one of the best solutions for this. It can be used to repair teeth well. The shell is a thin layer of plate placed on the tooth, which, in addition to achieving an excellent aesthetic effect, protects the surface of the teeth from damage.

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening quickly and visibly brightens the tone of the teeth. During whitening, the whitening material removes the pigments from the tooth enamel and whitens the outside of the teeth from the inside. Used to treat discolored teeth.

The result speaks for itself.

Fixed braces

In addition to aesthetic considerations, orthodontics is also important for healthy biting, chewing and easier cleaning of our teeth. Fixed dentures can be used very effectively with fixed braces. It is usually made of metal or more aesthetic porcelain elements.

Removable braces

The removable device is a solution to minor problems, such as the need to dilate the upper or lower teeth. A typical removable brace is made of plastic with metal wires and springs attached.

Dental implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth or bridge when placed in the jaw. An implant can be a solution for those who have lost one or more teeth.

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