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Dental screenings

Dental screenings

The first thing a dentist checks when a patient sits in the dental chair is whether there are any cavities or gum disease in the mouth, and he or she also misjudges the risk of other oral health problems.

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Regular consumption of coffee, tea, smoking and various coloured foods and drinks can discolour teeth. Sandblasting polishing removes these various deposits and discolourations from the tooth surface. High pressure water jets are used to remove tiny particles of...

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Baby teeth usually start to form before birth and start to emerge after about 6 months. All 20 of a child's milk teeth should erupt by the age of 2½. It is recommended to start introducing children to the dentist as early as possible. It is worth giving them several...

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is necessary when the blood or nerve supply to the tooth is inadequate and the pulp is already dead. At the beginning of the infection, you may not feel any pain. In some cases, the tooth may start to darken, which means that the tooth is dying or completely dead. In this case...

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Dental prostheses

Dental prostheses

The gaps caused by missing teeth can cause problems when eating and speaking, and the gaps can become overgrown with mismatched teeth next to them. In some cases, all teeth may have to be removed and replaced. So the patient may need...

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In addition to aesthetic considerations, orthodontics also play an important role in the treatment process to adjust healthy bite and chewing and to make teeth easier to clean. Fixed braces are very effective and faster than other solutions to...

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Dental implant

Dental implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth or bridge in the jaw. Implants can be a solution for people who have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease or an accident, but any other...

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Service price list

ServicesPricesType of service
3D CBCT scan15.000-28.000FtDental screenings
Groove closure16.000FtGyermekfogászat, Konzerváló fogászat
Wisdom tooth removal64.000FtSzájsebészet
Ciszta eltávolítás38.000FtSzájsebészet
Digital panoramic X-ray15.500FtDental screenings
First consultation17.500-40.000FtDental screenings
First consultation15.000FtOrthodontics
Éves dentálhigiéniás csomag68.000FtEgyéb szolgáltatások
Éves dentálhigiéniás csomag - 4 alkalmas75.000FtEgyéb szolgáltatások
Éves fogászati tagság70.000FtEgyéb szolgáltatások
Éves vizsgálat13.500-22.000FtDental screenings
Felragasztott fogszabályzó készülékeink (fém,- porcelán- és önligírozó)270.000-400.000FtOrthodontics
Teeth whitening130.000FtEgyéb szolgáltatások
Fogkő-eltávolítás gyermekeknek19.000FtGyermekfogászat, Parodontológia
Fogsorok130.000-220.000FtDental prostheses
Dental plaque removal for children17.500-25.500FtGyermekfogászat
Gyökércsap - üvegszálas32.000FtRoot canal treatment
Gyökértömés13.000-45.000FtRoot canal treatment
Gyökértömés eltávolítás25.000-35.000FtRoot canal treatment
Havi aktiválás10.000-17.500FtOrthodontics
Dental veneer63.000-130.000FtDental prostheses
Implant placement (Alpha Bio)170.000FtDental implant
Implantátum eltávolítás30.000FtDental implant
Implantátum felépítmény50.000-100.000FtDental implant
Inlay / onlay83.500-90.000FtDental prostheses
Íny korrekció15.000-40.000FtEgyéb szolgáltatások
Kivehető trainer75.000-115.000FtOrthodontics
Control test10.000-15.000FtDental screenings
Crown for implant90.000-127.000FtDental implant
Koronák83.000-145.000FtDental prostheses
Letört fog kezelése, elcsiszolás25.000FtKonzerváló fogászat
Nyílt lebenyes tasakműtét28.000FtParodontológia
Parodontológiai műtét37.500FtParodontológia
Ragasztás10.000-17.000FtDental implant, Dental prostheses
Részleges fogszabályzó készülék163.000FtOrthodontics
Rögzített készülék eltávolítása30.000FtOrthodontics
Pulling a milk tooth16.000FtGyermekfogászat
Teeth filling20.000FtGyermekfogászat
Fillings15.000-60.000FtKonzerváló fogászat
Trepanálás22.000-30.000FtRoot canal treatment
Ultrasonic tartar removal with polishing15.000-30.000Ft
Ultrasonic tartar removal with polishing37.000FtParodontológia

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Cinti Béres
Offered by
June 13, 2023

Professional work, best professionals in the country, can only recommend to anyone!

Erika Balogh
Offered by
July 18, 2019

all!...especially Dodo! thanks!

Dóra Dobronyi
Offered by
February 3, 2019

I went to them for orthodontics (Dr Tausz Dóra) for a long time, super, professional team, good memories!

Zita Varga
Offered by
May 29, 2018
Nóra Mózes
Offered by
February 2, 2018

Best dentistry in the country! with excellent professionals, modern, polite and welcoming! This is a lovely dentistry 🙂 I have been to Eszter Solymosi dental hygienist so far, my hats off to her work, I left very satisfied, she is an excellent professional!

Csilla Donkó
Offered by
December 14, 2017
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